"What's for chicken?" is a humourous twist on "What's for dinner?" where you will find recipes, tips and inspiration to create meals for your family and friends that impress and satisfy a wide range of tastes.

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Roast Chicken as Celebrated in Cookbooks

At the turn of the century and for a considerable time afterward, chicken was an expensive treat, saved and served only for special occasions. Today chicken is easily available and has become an international favorite. Each nation has learned to cook chicken in a manner distinctively their own. Cookbooks from around the globe have countlessContinue Reading

Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel or “White Sauce” has a reputation for being intimidating. It really is not. It is super easy and one of the most important and versatile sauces in any kitchen. Basically you just add flour to melted butter, cook for a minute or 2 and gradually whisk in warm milk. What could be easier? Here’sContinue Reading

Brined Chicken Recipe

To brine or not to brine? I can tell you that brining a chicken makes for some of the juiciest roast chicken you will ever eat. If you have the time and you are looking for something really special then brining is the way to go. Here’s my recipe. The Ingredients • One 3-4 lbContinue Reading

Chicken Soup Recipe

My partner woke up today with a sore throat. What’s a girl to do? Make chicken soup of course! It’s never a good day for a sore throat, but always a good day for chicken soup! Here is my recipe. For the Broth 1 tsp olive oil I finely diced cooking onion 2 cloves ofContinue Reading

Psycho Chicken Q’est que c’est? Brined Chicken

No, No,  not Psycho Chicken.  Brined Chicken!  Brining adds moisture and prevents chicken, turkey or pork from drying out. That’s why we brine. My friend Lesli Gaynor of “Mitzi’s Café” –  100 Sorauren Ave. and “The Sister” –1554 Queen St. West, Toronto made these chickens for our friend Terry’s  BIG birthday. They were brined, andContinue Reading

Yum Yum, And then some…. Good Fried Chicken

Well, you only turn 65 once and my friend Dunstan just did. No better time for a party and a good feed of what else? chicken!  We had fried chicken, we had stewed chicken, chicken was jerked and chicken was curried. Dunstan’s wife and partner of many years, May, can do, and did do some seriousContinue Reading